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The Loretta Factor,is driven through empowerment coaching,
mentorship and inspiration. As trainer and business consultant
,At the Loretta Factor we work to fully prepare and guide you to
your destination by developing a plan for your departure and
journey with a focus on getting you to your arrival armed with
the tools to succeed through a personalized and tailored made
series. The Loretta Factor will use strategic, Organic a spiritual
approach to help you clearly define what you envision for
yourself and motivate you to push beyond your preconceived
limitations into the life God planned for you....
authenticity unapologetically and purposefully.....The Loretta
Loretta is fully credentialed by one of the world's most
requested programs .


In this stage we explore your personal journey including your passions and dreams Identifying what is holding you back and creating a customized roadmap that leads you to your destiny.


  • Passport to wholeness

  • Explore the departure places.

Pilot in Light Aircraft

This is where the meaningful work begins. Identify your calling, elevate your career, live a more purposeful life.

  • Mapping out your PURPOSE

  • Branding

  • Growth

Finger on the Map

Balance your desire with your passion and settle into a more purposeful life




Female Business Owners








               Mapping out your pathway to PURPOSE…

The Loretta Factor, LLC is a faith-based organization aimed at serving the local, regional, and global community. We offer a three-prong approach: mentorship, coaching, and strategizing. We use biblical principles to help women and men bring their vision back into focus. Without vision people cast off restraint. 

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