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Pathway . Potential . Purpose

Map out your PATHWAY to PURPOSE with the tools and resources to launch deeper into the reason why you are here.

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Loretta Transforms Lives

Loretta Finch is a South Carolina native who is blazing the trail in personal development and economic empowerment. This compelling thought leader, motivational, and international speaker possesses deep roots in empowerment, growth, and economic freedom. 

About me

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Pathway . Potential . Purpose

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Welcome : 2 Pathway to Purpose

The Loretta Factor,is driven through empowerment coaching,mentorship and inspiration. As trainer and business consultant,At the Loretta Factor we work to fully prepare and guide you toyour destination by developing a plan for your departure andjourney with a focus on getting you to your arrival armed withthe tools to succeed through a personalized and tailored madeseries. Click below to read more.



“Loretta has a gift to inspire, uplift and encourage. I don't know where I would have been had I not sat with her and she let me  create my own road map for success.   


- Kristen

Ms. Retta is motivating, energetic, powerful and transformational. I am better because of her guidance.  


- Tammy

Loretta is practical, insightful and uplifting. She offers advice but allows you to map out your vision plan.


- Suryi


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We’re on a mission to empower you! 

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